Peach Sugar

"What other people think of me is none of my business, sometime it hurts my feelings but I have to  just keep going - Lana Del Rey" 

Correct, sometimes the words of people who do not know us can be very hurtful. Is not hypocritical, sometimes we also like to talk about other people, and so did they. There is always a reason behind the things we do. People often ask me why my campus outfit, my photos and my activity outfit will be so different, this is the most asked question I'm swear, let me tell you, first, I'm majoring in hospitality, I can't let my hair dye like a hell yeah just like another blogger did, did something like nail art or tattoo and dress like what I like because my campus already had a rules to be obeyed. Sometimes yes, my hair turns green, purple, brown or nutella or whatever that I've did is only during my holiday trip so that's why will be a significant difference between my real me at campus and my photo, another reason based on campus, every monday and thursday I must wear a uniform and then tuesday, wednesday and friday I can wear whatever I want, very simple, very logical, are you going to wear hipster in campus? Wake up! this is Indonesia, I'm not majoring in fashion design at all and my campus mostly dominated by Muslims so what can I do? Still dress like a whore?

So please, if you do not understand what happened then don't talk a lot. I think adjusting to dress like a chameleon better than people who always want to dress amazingly awesome but does not match with the place and situation. As I said, you are going to college or going to the mall?

Anyway, I'm going to make another vlog, just like an outfit video, what I'm gonna dress and why I choose that outfit, what is the brand and anything that I can said on the vlog, This is will be my first time and I feel so excited about it and hope for a positive respond from you all my reader guys. I think it's kinda boring to read a text every single post so I decided to made a little modification to my blog just like beauty post is now live on my blog. Just a simple click and you are done.

This is just a quick post from my Saturday hangout, dress feminine for a day won't kill my vibes. Oh ya ya, I hangout to some new place in my town and here some review about it. Ochado is the brand new dessert shop, the drinks menu was quite good just same like another bubble tea but I prefer dingtea so much, the place are smoke-free I like it but they must add another menu just like snacks or cake because will too boring if they only sell drinks. Another one goes to BBQ every saturday nite at Alpha Hotel, you know I'm an all-you-can-eat food hunter so I decide to choose Alpha Hotel for our saturday night and have a high expectation for their BBQ dinner menu, but was not as good as I think. The buffet has no much choice, only fried rice, beehon and vegetable, and the most painful thing from the dinner is that BBQ I thought it was a steak but hell no only a few of satay and sausage *crying* not worth for my idr 50.000.
Jumpsuit - First // Shoes - Cotton On // Bag - Mango

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