Hello It's March

Many wise people said that success will not come without effort. When we do it half-heartedly. Besides ourselves we need others who can encourage us to be more successful. As social beings, of course. And I'm sure I will not be able to come this far without your help my blog reader friends.

Someone sent me an email this evening about my blog, she was disappointed because I'm not keep updating my blogpost. I am very grateful because there is someone who wants to remind me about my fault and for the better future about my blog. 
Well, I will describe some reason what happen to me recently, and here we go..
First, I was stuck in a thesis dilemma, this is my last semester, it's very disgusting and classic I know. But, this thesis things really really kill my time, my happiness. Second, back to the first one and all back to the first one. Perfect.

It's all about do not have a quality time to take a shoot and hunting some new clothes or blogwalking from blog to blog. I think I'm getting older quickly if I'm dealing with a lot of paper, oh my God that's really not my thing. I know myself inside and outside, I will admit that I hate doing things that are associated with school, school is just a place for me to make friends and have fun, so avoid sanctimonious. I do apologize to all of my lazy habit, I really do not mean that. I really feel thankful because you all still care to my blog. 

To make my blog readers happy, then I will make some new programs that will probably be happy to do (I hope). After take a look and find inspiration, may first I would say HippieYAAY to my blog because my blog will reach 5 years and still counting this May. So many changes over the past 5 years, wow is not a short time to remain consistent in this blog world. Back to my new program, I will announce that will be a special giveaway, new content of my blog, new layout and many more. Behind it, possible persistence to consistently much more important I think. Haha

Okay I'm not going to talk more and give promise that I will not keep. Thank you especially for Ms. Kartika Millenia who sent me email this evening, you've woke me up from deterioration and purge my blog from the cobwebs that have been piling up like this.

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-see you next post-