"Cause every inch of you is perfect, from the bottom to the top." 

Most favorite quotes nowadays. Here I am back again with outfit set from h&m. Color fun is back! Anyway, I have a chance to blog sooo this is my first post on October also first post in the new place, yup finally have a time to blog eventhough a little busy. Just like what I'm sayin' every place has their own story to share. Not all people like you just like you love yourself. Sometimes they look for a little mistake to hate you. That's life. And we are getting stronger to every criticism that leads to us. Because on that rare "sometimes" finally the world seemed less mad. It allows you to be a woman that you really are, and tells you that everybody has the rights to choose their own shape. No labels, no name-calls, no judging walls. Only you and everything you like...

Top & Bottom - h&m // Denim Outer - FLEA Market

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