Hi There! Happy weekend :)
OMG! Seems so long not open my notebook and write some review about product. Fashionable people I want to share and inform you about my new find fashion website eFoxcity. Click for the first time my shopping heart beat so fast and shocked because they really have my flavour! Very cute, hipster, vintage and really worth to buy in affordable price. *very shocked*
My heart say I want them all, all, all! Colorful, cute and aaah i can't describe them. Wholesale price guys! If you love sweatshirt, knitting thing, playful patterns they have, I swear all of the top are lovable. *heart screaming* I swear if I don't share this wonderful things and you gonna hate me a lot.
eFoxcity.net is an online fashion clothing wholesaler and a suppliers of many wholesalers and boutiques worldwide. Not just an online fashion for female and male but for bride. Have a look to their wedding gown, just like wanna married this second. Oh my, they are stunning and awesome white wedding dress for pretty bride of course. The best solution for any bride and pssst they are on SALE! Go grab yours now haha XD
The most important thing, they sell many dress that wore by hollywood artist to the red carpet, check them here. Well they are professional in Cocktail Dresses and Affordable Prom Dresses too.Your outfit will not complete if there is no any accessories with. Don't worry, they have a lot of cute choice for accessories collection. Ready for mix and match!
Looking for wholesale men collection? In Indonesia it's so hard to find any online website for male collection. But I have a good solution for you all, for boy or for girl who wants to send birthday gift to her boyfriend. It's so nice looking for man collection in a wholesale price and fashionable touch.
To complete my review, here the pics, enjoy them all :)

Regret if you skip this post, because I'm gonna cry a day when I saw their collection.
So cute huh? Go shop more at eFoxcity Wholesale Clothing!

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