Shopping Street

Back from my youth holiday with bestfriend. Gosh! very wonderful. Thankyou Malaysia for a great memories because this is my first time have a single holiday with boyfriend. Pssst! I mean first time abroad. I already have another trip with him to Bandung before. As I promise, I would post about fashion trends at Seoul my earlier holiday trip before Malaysia. Yesterday, I planned to watch The Conjuring with my friend and I really can't sleep a night. The story still haunt my mind and that wizard face too. *sick* that's the most creepy movie I've ever watch. Damn it the conjuring :)

Visited Myeondong Shopping Street. Fashion at Korea is all about vintage, girly, soft color and neon. Just enjoy the picture <3

See? How lovely they are! Very vintage concept at every store. But I just like to taking some pic of them, beside the price are so expensive they aren't my style at all.

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