My Week, On Instagram

Instagram is a free photo-sharing program and social network that was launched in October 2010. The service allows users to take a photo, apply a digital filter to it, and then share it with other Instagram users they are connected to on the social network as well as on a variety of social networking services. Instagram currently has 80 million registered users. A distinctive feature is that it confines photos to a square shape, similar to Kodak Instamatic and Polaroid images, in contrast to the 4:3 aspect ratio typically used by mobile device cameras.
Anyway, I'm so in love with this photo application, simple and best way to make our photos look more vintage and pretty.

1. a BW photo, Ballerina concept by Jose Sepriyadhie
2. my favorite photo on February!
3. me with my DIY flower crown.
4. me with my red bowler hat from Sacs et Chaussures
5. favorite BW photo by Jose Sepriyadhie
6. me with DIY flower crown and pink floral dress by Cizzyus Connection

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I'll post my outfit photos soon, just wait:)