Color Splashes

Life is good I can't complain
I mean I could but no one's listening
Your image overwhelms my brain
Now I'm rolling my window down
I love the wind but I hate the sound
You're like a tattoo that I can't remove
And it feels good, it feels good, it feels good

Hello! I'm back! Yes I'm back with my new post! after 5 days I visited my hometown and greatly missed by all blogging activity, could eventually return to normal activity like today! more photo it means blogging! This time I show a slightly different theme than normal, with no dress, no outer wear, without good shoes or a cute bag. This jumpsuit I got from my aunt, after her vacation from Hawaii and go home with a stack of colorful clothes, they are really eye catchingI can not imagine that Hawaii beach filled with colorful clothes like I got haha. Actually I love the fringe love love love it so much and the color so eye catching too. After I was thinking to match the theme, I finally found what works for this outfit and yap! choose gladiator.
Jumpsuit- Hawaii, Gladiator & Bracelets- Chinatown, Hat- Thai, Necklace- Artistry Swarovski
featuring my friend, Vanny Francisca, wearing Yellow Jumpsuit
details :
bytheway, I haven't told about this camera. This camera is my 10th birthday gift from my fatherstill a manual camera but the quality exceeds Lomo, and I love it so much! See you next post!

Photography by : Harry Hartanto Eka


  1. whoaaa! I love this post so damn much :)))<3
    the color brighten up the shoot. Love the color very much!
    xx, M.Dy

  2. love this outfit very much, you choose right color with cool spread pattern! so beautiful, wish i have one like that too.

    Dinda Putri~

  3. wah kak! I no longer know what to say. I loved this post. Look more cheerful and colorful. I don't like blogging kak but I like to read people blog post, and this blog one of my favorite. I wanna ask you kak, since when do you like playing blog?
    and whether that clothes you wear are purchased or provided by the sponsor? you can answer with reply this comment or email me, thanks before. Always love your blog!

    Verina T. S
    Golden Blush*

  4. Love it Love it Love it! <3333333333
    want it too T___T
    Can you give it one to me? Ohoho slap me! Just kidding, that would be nice your auntie can visit Hawaii.
    Btw, your camera is cool!

  5. hi sweetie,
    i am your new follower. lovely photos as always and i told you that you are really beautiful. you have the prettiest smile.
    awwww lovely jumpsuit! especially the pattern. you are so stunning and pretty with that jumpsuit. you know--i want to wear jumpsuit (i have some in my wardrobe) but unfortunately it doesnt fit me as good as you do. i am a curvy girl and a lil bit overweight (hiksss) so i need to wear a very big jumpsuit, and it makes me look bigger :( i ove the way you style it with gladiator sandals and you are stunning! kissessss

    1. Thankyou sweetie, glad to hear that!
      Oh no no don't said it, in fact, weight is also my first enemy now. I was too fat to wear a sweet dress that I wanted out there.
      Btw, I'm very interested in the giveaway that you held, the prize are very interesting I think. Hope can win!

  6. cute outfit, love colorful clothes..... Beautiful, I am following your blog pls visit mine, I hope you will follow back

  7. WOW WOW WOW WOW WOWWW! This is the best jumpsuit I have ever seen! You look so stunning!!! Thank you for stopping by, I'm so glad I found your beautiful blog!!! :) <3 Zoey @ Disco Pony :)

  8. super cool post & blog darling:)

  9. cute outfit.. so colorful!
    I wish I could have the gut to wear such a colorful outfit like that :p

    Come and hail to my cruise, yo mates! I do followed back too ;)

  10. Wonderful photos, I like them!!! This is such a nice post!
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  11. i love tie dye, such a fun summer pattern! you look super cute. love the post!

  12. I love tie dye and I'm gonna post about my tie dye too ^^ Is it Lomo? What type? :)

    Join my first giveaway, open internationally ˆ⌣ˆ click here.
    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  13. hi dear thank you for following im following back :). love your tie dye jumpsuit looking so fun cant wait to summer.

  14. hi dear thank you for following im following back :). love your tie dye jumpsuit looking so fun cant wait to summer.

  15. Pretty cute outfit!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  16. your hair's natural wave is making me envy you so much! you've got a great set of bangles too. oh your dad really nailed the present, it's lovely!


  17. The vibrant colours are so great! Love your blog! Would you like to follow each other via google? Let me know!


  18. hello pretty! lovely tie dye outfit! hope we can be friend! mind to follow me? i will follow u back! :)

  19. how this jumpsuit is so lovely! the color really eye catching. love it<3
    btw, really in love with your camera! how kind your father gave you that camera when your 10th birthday!
    i like to play with camera analog too and I got camera analog from my friend when my 18th birthday.
    wanna see more about your analog. maybe someday you will post about it??

    nice to know you:)

  20. Cute pictures :))
    Love ur hat.
    Take care xoxo

  21. You have got one of the best blogs I have seen recently.Creativity of any kind always attracts me and you are a masterpiece in that.Thanks for sharing so much. I am definitely following you.

  22. i love the outfit especially the colours!!
    would you like to follow each other? also please check out my latest post thanks

  23. Love your look, so full of life and you look so beautiful in the photos!! Would you consider following each other? If you do, please let me know so I can follow back :)

    Love, Mary

  24. The jumpsuit really suits you! and beautiful camera~ What a great present! (:

  25. hi! this is my first time visit your blog, and i think you look like my friends :D
    i'm your new follower :D

  26. following you back :D

  27. woah that is a pretty brave and ace outfit to wear!

  28. the outfit. You look great! :)

  29. amazing look
    Also love your blog, if you have time
    pls look also at my blog and become a friend :)

    XO, Carmen

  30. You look so pretty in your jump suit! Are you part japanese (cause your name :)) xo akiko

    Style Imported

  31. CUTEEEE <3
    I love jumpsuit too :D
    Btw, I'm u newest follower, Kindly followback if u want :D

    Ayu Damayanthi

  32. your camera is a good stuff, is it still working?


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