too much love to do

i miss my blog damn much! i'm back for my lovely activities blogging, hunting and shopping! i was overwhelmed by the sponsors that have been piling up. A lot of work to do, so i ran out of spare time for blogging. 1 month did not touch the virtual world makes me miss all the new fashion trends a lot! very very very resigned..
thanks to all sponsors who are willing to wait for me to write articles about your shop, I was very happy when you all want to wait for me to publish them one by one. oh yes! have I told you guys that I've been off my stirrup since 3 weeks ago approximately. so glad it was, although not much has changed but I feel now my teeth are more presentable. a lot of plans that will I do for next year, hopefully everything is accomplished, amen.
talking about December, we will find a lot of fun. December is the month that everyone's favorite. December is the last month. December is a month that full of memories and meaning.
there are Christmas, New Year, Mother Day, my brother's birthday and of course my birthday too :)))
That's why I call it a moon full of meaning and memories...
furry scarf - Macao's traditional markets

Brown Knitting Bag - Singapore's Traditional Market

photography - my self


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