see you next year

hello world...
hello world...
wake up wake up it's party o'clock
end this year with pray and begin the new year with smiles and hope. to close the end of this year and makes it become more meaningful I would like to say many thanks for all memories, love, hate, bitter memories, the most difficult moments and certainly the best time of the year on 2011. thanks for family, boyfriend, friends, sponsors who have supported me throughout 2011. without you all maybe I'm not going to be like this. today I offer a special shot of the last, may not be a masterpiece but it might be a sweet dessert at the end of the year. theme and concept also not too special, instead of a spontaneous idea that appreciated in a short time.

from straight to curly hair, from 17 to 18, from high school to college student, from single to in a relationship with.. hahahaha oops just a distraction and a joke for the last word. the last one is from zero to hero! me? just a girl who had many shortcomings and will not develop without any encouragement. me? a weak girl full of carelessness and lack of responsibility in work. hopefully I'll fix all the flaws that exist within myself and covered it with an excess which I have. for some reason and i don't know why I like to write at length today hehehehe :p

-photography by : Harry Hartanto E
-edited by : myself
-MUA&wardrobe : Kiki Mayang Sari
*cropped tee - spyderbilt
*ripped legging - gifted by mom
another creation with love...
-photography and edited by : myself

the last one...
my wish for 2012 :
 my parents would always be healthy and blessed
sustenance in abundance
my love will not fade forever
UAS values ​​that satisfy
lasting with boyfriend
 and ....................................
 has no problem with acne hahahahaha
with love,


  1. i love your ripped legging such a cool thing.
    i love your blog so much!
    Happy New Year too :)


  2. significant growth! continues to improve your abilities in the field of fashion. everything will be successful when based on the willingness. btw, happy new year!

  3. Happy new Year! have a great years ahead! btw lovely outfits! you look cute... i love your shoes too :)

    Hei Echa!

  4. you look so beautiful!
    happy new year! :)

  5. what a cute post, always love your blog yuki :,)


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