My Birthday Memories - 24 December 2011

I said the biggest thanks to my Lord Jesus who has always blessed me until I was already 18 years old. Many of the memories that I have experienced from 17 years ago that would be a lesson for me in the future. And today, when I became 18 years old, I am very grateful with what I have and will never complain for all the deficiencies that exist.
Thanks to my parents&family for the surprise birthday cake, my lovely besties for the mini birthday party, and especially for my boyfriend, not a gift anymore that I want but I would expect that we will intertwine together for the future.
Oh Yes I forgot, my favorite Indonesian fashion blogger Clara Devi H. said Happy Birthday to me, just can't believe one of my million wish for birthday come true :))

My Birthday Cake from My Dad & My Lil' Bro
Mini Birthday Party with My Lovely Besties

Thanks to Jo, Teja, Dian, Clement, Nia, Greatsby, Raika, Celly, Aan Vj, Yoga and Ozan for coming :)

photography by : my self, Harry H
edited by me

A Lot Of Thanks and Merry Christmas People!!! 


  1. Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas to you kak, wish you always look beutiful :))

    Sorry telat hehe =p

  2. Happy Birthday kak Yuki!
    wish you all the best, langgeng sama cowoknya :)
    ver doain semoga blog kaka makin dikenal trus makin banyak fansnya aminnn :)
    stay beauty, stay creative and be a trendsetter B)

  3. so cute <3333
    bytheway happy birthday!

    Gebrina Hisbach~


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