Last to Remember

end of the year is not fun without fireworks. spoon is not complete without a fork. milk won't sweet without sugar. my life won't complete without family, boyfriend, friends and all of you who hate or love me. My Super Mom already arrived yesterday on 3.12 p.m! miss her so much. she was enjoying her vacation to Taiwan. vacation is one way to release tired of the job. fruit does not fall far from the tree, it means the same! "my vacation was not complete without shopping and culinary tours," my mom said.

fur jacket & necklace - gift from mom
cream dress - unbranded
shoes - Taqisi 


  1. beautiful!
    such a cool coat, want it too <3

    Gebrina Hisbach~

  2. wow! love this post so much :))
    cool leather coat, want them too hehehe
    so lucky, you have a super mom who support you in fashion :D


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