Edwina Siregar my another Hero!

I wanna say hello to you guys, with this "Ping!!!" quick post. I really busy with my college life now, full of assignments, presentation, really hectic... I'm so sorry if i can't update this blog oftenly, i don't have time to take my outfit photos, i don't have time to blogwalking. I really miss my blogging activity. Maybe i will make an outfit post soon...

Thank you so much for my another hero Edwina Siregar. I think many don't know me, I was wrong. student who now works part time as a fashion consultant in Italy also knew me.

know her more : Edwina's Email

thank you for the interview and hope you will done your thesis perfectly!
Happy Sunday!


  1. Hello there, Yukiana, Edwina (why all name end with "na" ;) ) i'm just blogwalking here :)


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