mooistemeisje-café et Parlour

there is no harm if it wished
I had promised myself when I was already 19 or 20 years maybe, I should already have my own business
maybe cafe or a boutique, all on my terms and running a successful
the most important thing that I have independently and without interference from parents' money in my business
so today started from my fad idea, i take some photos about my dream cafe-parlour
later, i promise will name it with MooisteMeisje in dutch and it means Gadis Tercantik in Indonesia=)

okay maybe, this is my awesome menu, created by chef Yukiana hahaha...

#First Menu, and i promise to launch this menu later

"de schattige"

okay this is the review

bread with melting ice cream and Sugar-apple sauce
cute right?

how to eat?

cut, mid of the bread with my very cute corn forks and then fill the bread with ice cream or Sugar-apple sauce
the taste will be great, and something you must know is this bread baked very well =)
so you must taste it later if you come to my house or when my cafe is already open!

oh my God, I will not be impatient to wait for my age to 19 or 20 hihihi

the second is

"mooiste thee"

tea with apple taste! this menu is very recommended

i will feel glad when somebody wrote it down!

"thankyou so much! all of them was delicious"

cafe of my dreams is a cafe located in the mall with the feel of a brick in the dining table and a red brick wall and the panhandle of plants, and maybe I'll add a photo of myself near the cash register as a mark of ownership. it is reinforced with glass shades, antique dishes and foods, i really like it!
i can't be more patient for this one!
hope i really open my own cafe, Amin!

all kitchen set : mine
taken and edited : me

"  MooiseMeisje - café et le thé  "