HandMade Lesson I

today I learned to make necklaces from scrap materials, the results are quite satisfactory. need the following items:

a rather thick cardboard
UHU glue
black ribbon
black cloth
little brightly colored decorations, may also studs

First, fold the square into a small cardboard carton to be thick and not easily damaged.
 Second, hectares all of cardboard side, make sure that your folding cartons neatly.
Third, glue the black cloth that has prepared to all sides of the cardboard until the cardboard is completely covered with cloth.
 Fourth, to look neater, glue again with a black ribbon that had been prepared.
Fifth, take the feather of duster that you have unplug it and stick it up neatly, make sure the feather looks neat and overlapping.
 Sixth, attach a ribbon for the necklace.
 Seventh, add decorations that you have prepared before.

 The handmade ethnic necklace is already to use :)))

this is mine, how is your?