chicwish hongkong drive me crazy

well, as a fashionista, a girl who don't know chicwish was a fake fashionista
everything they sell drove me crazy...oh God
as i wish and hope i have my personal savings book in the bank and then I was able to buy goods from overseas as I want
how long i must be patient in my thirsty desire of the goods
they based on Hongkong, and my mom already visited it, congratulation to her and pity me

that blouse i wish i have and when i checked it today the items was sold out :(
morning at the Manor Top

oh my Godness i love the pattern!

Talk To Tree Retro Engraving Necklace

look like mine
Chic Flower Cocktail Ring
Regular Price : $15.90
now on sale! : $11.90
go! pick it up cocktail ring

so, what do you think about chicwish review?
love it? yes i love them too

and I'm sure one day I could buy one of their goods! I'm sure!!