About :

Yuki Lusiana Eka is the author of IAMLUCIANNE, known as Yukiana her personal blog is about daily outfit, beauty tips and life style. Graduated with Hospitality degree in 2015. You can read her effort in fashion on WhatWeLike as a featured blogger, Clozette as Clozette Ambassador and currently working as a Sushi Chef. She’s a 1993 born Indonesia from half Chinese/Javanese descendants. Pastry lover.

Yukiana has found her passion in writings, design and photography since senior high school. Became a very active student since college life really change her world. Filled with a trips out to the very secluded area. Working on an unusual project. Visited so many undiscovered place and working for them. Supported by her parents, she expanded her skill in design and photography. Yukiana hopes to be someone who can return the favors by sharing creative inspiration and writings for more people through this blog and her other projects.

IAMLUCIANNE was started back on May 2011. As bellionducky the old name of her own thoughts blog, she made a decision to change the blog name for brand awareness to IAMLUCIANNE that belongs to her name, Yuki Lusiana Eka. She determined to smarten the content of her blog with daily fashion spread and inspiration. She also added a new content just like beauty, vlog and travel tips.

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